FACE-Fraternity of Astute Computer Engineers

Objective of Association: 

Our primary objective is to enhance the undergraduate experience in computer science  and provide them with platform that gives practical exposure and bridge the gap between the academics and current practices in IT industries. 

Scope of Association:

The scope of this association is not limited to only computer science and engineering indeed its scope is global to various other fields like Business, Finance, AI, robotics, medicine etc  

Benefits of Association:

i. Benefit to the students to make their technical skills strong

ii. Helps students to build their personalities

iii. Helps students in placements

iv. By calling corporate representatives will help build good relationships with the companies

v. This unique culture will attract companies 

vi. Benefit to the college as a brand name [FACE] will be associated with the college 

vii. Benefit to the department as due to various activities department will be identified uniquely

viii. Brings unity among the students and have good relationship among the juniors and seniors

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Project Exhibition 2016-2017


JCECSEINNOVATE2017, a project exhibition to demonstrate innovative ideas and talents of eighth semester students of Computer Science and Engineering was held at Jain College of Engineering on 1st June 2017. During the Inauguration of this event, Prof. Praveen Y. Chitti, HOD of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering welcomed the gathering. Dr. K. G. Vishwanath, Principal and Director of Jain College of Engineering in his presidential remarks motivated the students and advised them to take good projects to the large scale so that it will be beneficial to the public.

projexpo1                      smartwastemanagement

Dr. K. Dhanasekaran, Project coordinator gave vote of thanks. About 18 projects were displayed in the exhibition by final year students. Students and faculty members from various disciplines of engineering streams were attended this expo. Students were demonstrated their innovative ideas and skills. Most of the projects showcased in this exhibition had social relevance. Some project titles are: Smart fleet management, secure storing and retrieval of documents, smart parking, smart waste management, water quality assessment and monitoring using IoT, smart street light monitoring, smart precision agriculture, smart life rescue system, etc.

 waterqualityassessmentsys                     precagriphoto

The demonstration by various project teams was really eye openers on various technical topics related to Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence etc. With an intention to promote scientific discovery and development of projects of national importance among young students, this project exhibition was organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The exhibition was a huge success.   


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