To create a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and professional environment in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering addressing emerging and existing challenges striving to meet the requirement of both industry and society.


To provide value-based quality technical education and training with continuous improvement in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering.

To develop professionals to meet the requirements of industry and society.

To promote innovation, dedication, and hard work with ethically and professionally responsible behaviour.


Programme Educational Objectives

Graduates will be able to solve real-world problems and engineering problems by applying fundamentals and recent technologies in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering.

Graduates will be able to perform well in design and development of software product formulating necessary requirements through effective communication.

Graduates will be able to take up higher studies and innovative projects.

Graduates will behave in an ethically and professionally responsible manner.

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The curriculum of Computer Science & Engineering covers all Information Technology related aspects like various programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby on rails, Perl, etc., Desktop application development, website development, cloud computing, networking and many more. Computer Science & Engineering at Jain college of Engineering, Belagavi is a unique blend of various value added programs along with regular university curriculum.  Career wise, the degree of bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering opens up a world of opportunities in IT for its bearers. Many IT positions require a  Computer Science & Engineering graduate for its advancement.  Computer Science & Engineering degree is also beneficial to set up entrepreneurial ventures in the field of Information technology and business.  

Jain college of Engineering, Belagavi is an institution of the renowned JGI group (Jain Group of Institutions), Bengaluru, which is a conglomerate of 65 world class educational establishments across India. From a modest beginning in the early 1990s, today JGI with its vision of human development at all levels through education and entrepreneurship to build sustainable communities has become a benchmark in the education sector of our country.

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