image processing workshop

An “image processing” workshop on 24/03/2017 to 25/03/17. This part of workshop conducted jointly by Prof. Ganesh Awati and 
Prof. Vinay Sangolli  of E&CE, JCE Belagavi aimed at helping the students understand and analyze basic commands of image processing in MATLAB. 
The series concluded with “Image compression and decompression” on 25/03/2017 workshops were Prof. Sandeep Mandia of E&CE, JCE Belagavi, assisted the students. The workshop is conducted under ECHO.
This was the first time “ students were exposed to workshop that was so hands on,” said Dr. K.R.Rasane  H.O.D of E&CE department of  JCE Belagavi and appreciated by Dr. K.G.Vishwanath Principal and management of JCE Belagavi.
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