Winter Internship Program

The Winter Internship Program (WIP) 2017 is an exclusively program for 3rd and 5th semester E&CE students of Jain college of Engineeringthat was held from 16-01-2017 to 20-01-2017. The idea is to provide an industry like environment, where students can explore the current technologies used to build innovative products in the domain of Wearable technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics. Three projects were offered to students; namely, Blink detection algorithm using EEG signals, Building IP camera and IoT based web controlled robot. Students had applied to the respective projects with their CV/resume and a cover letter stating why they want to do that particular project. 28 students out of 50 were selected based on their cover letter and CV for the three different projects. 
EEG project group comprising of 10 students used MUSE EEG head set from Interaxon Company to acquire brain signals. Muse headband was interfaced with MATLAB. EEG signal was analyzed and salient features in EEG signals for the eye blink was identified. Further, an algorithm was developed to detect an eye blink using MATLAB. Later, aurdino was interfaced with MATLAB and LED light, buzzer and a servo motor was operated based on the detected eye-blinks. 
IOT project group consisted of 8 students, interfaced the pi camera with raspberry pi. Then they connected the complete module to internet using webRTC server through which live video stream was available throughout the campus. Later, they built web interface to control the robot using IBMs node-red IoT platform. 
Robotics team comprising of 10 students built an inexpensive robot vehicle kit that can be used for surveillance. They used Raspberry Pi 3B and configured it for the remote access. Also the mechanical stability of the robot was analyzed. The robot was controlled using low level commands in the form of shell scripts. The mobile user interface (UI) created by the IoTteam was used to control the robot. 
The WIP-2017 was inaugurated by the Principal & Director Dr. K.G. Vishwanath and H.O.D of E&CE department, IEEE Branch Counsellor and Senior IEEE Member Dr. Krupa R. Rasane. They addressed the students, explaining the need for the internships’ and building innovative projects that can help them in placements. The internship projects was performed under the guidance of Prof. Raghumanohar A. and Prof. Nishant Joshi D, Assistant professor(s)of the department of E&CE. 
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