LYX and Image Processing Workshop

A pilot effort from the “JCE workshops” were four, free, day long workshops that invited students from JCE college to come and experience the craft of LYX and image processing in most hands on manner.
This year’s workshops began with “LYX” a workshop that had participants understanding the fundamental concepts in documentation to prepare article, project reports and also softcopy of books to publish. 
Prof. Maheshkumar Patil of E&CE, JCE Belagavi was the resource person for this workshop.
Following the LYX workshop was an “image processing” workshop on 19/02/2016. This part of workshop conducted jointly by Prof. Ram Sharma, Prof. Ganesh Awati and Prof. Vinay Sangolli  of E&CE, JCE Belagavi aimed at helping the students understand and analyze basic commands of image processing in MATLAB. 
The series concluded with “Image compression and decompression” on 20/02/2016 workshops were Prof. Sandeep Mandia of E&CE, JCE Belagavi, assisted the students. The workshop is conducted under ECHO and IEEE banner.
This was the first time “ students were exposed to workshop that was so hands on,” said Dr. K.R.Rasane  H.O.D of E&CE department of  JCE Belagavi and appreciated by Dr. K.G.Vishwanath Principal and management of JCE Belagavi.
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