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Carve your own niche

The JGI group has a strong track record in innovation with 46 spin-out companies / business units. It has been highly influential in developing interaction between businesses and the institution, and in creating entrepreneurs and networks.

The JGI Difference

The JGI Group has pioneered the concept of business incubation through its highly effective student enterprise incubator. The group is a member of NEN and has successfully won the E-Week National Championship Trophy for the years 2007-08 and 2008-09

CRCJ Center for Entrepreneurship

The CRCE (Chenraj Roychand Centre for Entrepreneurship), an entrepreneurial wing of Jain Group of Institutions was established to create opportunities for the talented and dynamic individuals to realise their entrepreneurial potential. The CRCE aims to support entrepreneurs across three key target groups:


CRCE provides an integrated yet simplified, progression route into:


We create opportunities, support students and entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. Through our experience and success we have developed highly interactive and specific packages of business start up support and tools that allow budding entrepreneurs progress through the four key stages of ‘Business Idea’, ‘Proof of Principal’, Prototyping and Growth. We help to create high growth, innovative and sustainable businesses. Till date 23 companies have been incubated in various sectors like the IT services, financial services, hospitality, catering, creative industry and several niche segments.


The Entrepreneurial Culture Concept crosscuts all the other areas. We pride ourselves in thinking, acting and being a market leader in entrepreneurial mind set, life style and activities. We help to develop innovative thinking, entrepreneurial mindsets and expose different ways of thinking and working all within a highly ethical and practical manner.


We have also been supportive in providing students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings. Variations of entrepreneurship education are offered at all levels of schooling from K-12 schools through graduate university programmes. This integrated approach has created and developed successful entrepreneurs.


The CRCE consists of a board of council comprising experts from the corporate world. Our focus is applied research with end goals in mind. We provide solutions and options from idea to growth phases, applicable to any business or project.

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