International Journal Papers Published: 

  1. B V Hubballi, IJETAE/Volume 3/ Issue I/17 Jan 21, 2013, " A Preview on the Prediction of Cavitation Erosion Inception in Hydraulic Control Value" ISSN 2250-2459.

  2. B V Hubballi, IJETAE/Volume 3/ Issue9/100 Oct 2 2014, " Investigation into the causes of Pressure relief value failure".

  3. Jagadeesh S. P, Dr. Madhukeshwara. N. IJRAME/Vol 2/Issue 1/Jan 2014 "Numerical Investigation & Optimization of Solar Tower Power Plant" ISSN: 2321-3051.

  4. Smita G. Makelke, ICRTET/March-2014 "Study of Chem,ical properties and Mechanical Testing of Glass/Epoxy Composite- A Review" ISBN: 978-93-5737-551-7.

  5. Kiran Shahapurkar, Ravindrababu G., IJERGS/ Vol2/ Issue 5/Aug-Sep 2014, "Stress analysis of an Aircraft Wing with a Landing gear opening cutout of the bottom skin" ISSN: 2091-2730. 

International Conference:

  1. Prof. S. M. Kerur, “Vibration control of a flexible Rotor-System with Magnetic Bearing”, at International Conference on Vibration, Noise and structural Dynamics, held at Venice, Italy during 28th – 30th April 1999.

  2. Prof. S. M. Kerur “Optimum placement of a squeeze film damper for vibration control of a flexible rotor – bearing system”, at Asia – Pacific Vibration conference, held at Singapore during 13th – 15th December 1999.

  3. Kiran Lakkam, H. N. Divakar, "Study of Mechanical properties of AA8011 prosesed by CRCS method", at International conference on Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, Managment & Thermal studies, AMMMT-2013 Tumkur. 

National Conference:

  1. Anand Hosamani, "Stress Analysis of Fuseladge Structure" NCRASEM-2013, BMAT Kolhapur.

  2. Anand Hosamani, "An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma" NCRASEM-2013, BMAT Kolhapur. ISBN: 978-81-907287-0-6.

  3. R. M. Galagali, " Enhancing Productivity in Sugar Industries". 


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