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Department of mechanical engineering of JCE in collaboration with ATTIS Systems, Hong Kong, has setup a 3D Printing Laboratory.

The 3D Printing Laboratory has the tools to help you mediate between digital and physical design. The laboratory is used for research, prototyping, product development, sampling, small-scale production, training and education.  We welcome engineers, designers, artists, architectural designers, industrial professionals and any creative professionals who would like to fabricate using either 2D vector or 3D computer files.

Our lab is equipped with FDM and SLA printers, 3D design and printing software. In addition to providing access to these facility, we also conduct training on a variety of aspects of 3D printing, including 3D design, scanning, and manufacturing. We promote digital making in other forms as well, by bringing together open hardware and 3D printing, to create products that have computing embedded in them. Our students range from undergraduates to business executives. In addition, we provide custom 3D design and prototyping services.


Faculty Incharge : Dr. Anil Shirahatti , Prof. S. M. Kerur

Student Incharge : Mr. Gourav Jadhav, Mr. Koustubh Prem

Training on 3D Printing

We hold a series of training in small batches for diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate students and working professionals. We also will be partnering with local high schools on 3D printing programs.


Design and Printing Service

Whether you are looking to gain experience in the world of additive manufacturing using one of our 3D printers or you have a project you would like to have 3D printed by professional staff, the JCE-Mech 3D Printing Lab is here to help you with your 3D printing needs.

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Contact : 900801632 / 9986140806

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